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Summer Stevens is a Tulsa-based stylist whose primary goal is to help each client find their unique style, and feel comfortable in their wardrobe. Each client is different, and their style must accurately reflect their inherent beauty, personality, and ambitions. From a young age, Summer had a passion and eye for styling. In May of 2018, Summer left her small Oklahoma town to study under world-renowned celebrity and personal stylist Samantha Brown in New York City. While working as Samantha’s assistant stylist, she learned the art of both personal and editorial styling. At age 20, Summer served as the stylist for a promotional video for the national fashion brand Dear John Denim. She was the top graduate in her degree program and college. She won numerous awards regarding her work in the College of Design, Housing, and Merchandising. 


After living in Austin, TX, Summer is excited to be back home. She looks forward to bringing her freelance styling business to her favorite city in the world, Tulsa. She loves helping each client find clothing that enhances their natural confidence.

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