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"Summer is one of the most talented stylist I've mentored. She has a great eye for putting outfits together and is well versed in current trends. Her warm and compassionate personality instantly puts clients at ease, and you'll walk away with an elevated wardrobe and caring new friend."-Samantha Brown, Samantha Brown Style

Summer is an incredible stylist! She did an online styling session for me already, and I truly loved everything she pulled so much- that I’m back to use her again! I’m really excited for this next in person styling session. She takes the time to truly understand your style and needs to fully customize your experience and pieces. Summer is SO patient, kind, and understanding! She makes you feel comfortable and confident throughout every step of the process. I will continue to have Summer style me for any and all of my future style needs- wether it be for an occasion/event, or just time for a full wardrobe change/update. I can’t recommend her enough. You will not regret working with her!!! -Veronica K.

"I feel like I wear the same five outfits week after week, and wanted something different for my vacation in Hawaii. I called Summer and asked if she was up for the challenge. When I met Summer at the store I had only given her a few ideas on what I "wanted" because quite honestly I didn't have a clue what I wanted, but she found me the cutest outfits for vacation that I was comfortable wearing! The best part of the outfits she found for me is that I am able to dress them up or down. Summer has changed my whole outlook on shopping!"-Harleigh M.

"From the moment I met Summer, I knew she was an extraordinary person. After a few days of working alongside her on projects, that was 100% proven in every single way. Summer is not afraid to think outside the box and everything she produces is cutting edge. I'm still not sure how she makes it look so easy, but then again another incredible quality she has. There is no detail that goes unnoticed, and her vision is as clear as it gets. If you are on the hunt for a stylist who has it all, look no further than Summer Stevens."-Chelsay Day, Day Date Inc.

"I always see people wearing things I think are great. But, I'm the worst at knowing if those same products look good on me. When I met Summer at a store, I already pulled everything I liked. She was kind and helpful. She brought me things to look at I would never choose. She explained her job was to embrace my current style, while always showing me options I would have never tried originally. Even the store employees trying to sell me what I liked said she made much better choices. Summer does a wonderful job of selecting items that are in your comfort zone, while also showing you new options that are extremely stylish."-Rick B., Owner of The Gladiator Group LLC

"Summer is my fashion go to! The best thing about her expertise is her ability to match today's trends with my personal style. I trust Summer to help me feel current, while still knowing what fits my personality best. She helps me feel like my most confident self!"-Bailey C.

"Summer was my student in several visual communication courses at Oklahoma State University, including editorial styling. She has an incredible aptitude for aesthetics, design, and fashion culture that she brings to her styling work. She is highly skilled at personal and company brand development and editorializing fashion concepts that will elevate her clients' sense of self, personal confidence, and distinction. Summer has also had a variety of professional experiences in personal, commercial, and editorial styling that have prepared her for a robust career in styling." -Dr. Cosette Armstrong 

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